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  • Parking around property at Westminster has changed. we have taken away about 7 guest spots across from building C and on right side of building B as we have too many guest spots on property and need to have these spots for YOU the resident. Please know that guest are not to be here for more than 14 days consecutively and our towing company is monitoring vehicles that do not have a green sticker and are park in guest spots to help us monitor the situation. Too many residents have unauthorized resident living with them that is against company policy and makes it difficult for the residents who are following the rules and really have a guest visiting them to have a spot. A new map will be emailed out to everyone about the parking. However if you park were it does not say guest. It is a regular resident spots and a guest will be towed at own expense. a resident with a sticker will be able to park in either spots at anytime. Subject to tow if expired tags, flat tires, no sticker, etc. NEW STICKERS WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER OCTOBER 20TH AND GO INTO EFFECT TO HAVE AS OF NOVEMBER 1ST - NO EXCEPTIONS - RESIDENTS HAVE TO COME AND SHOW REGISTRATION TO THEIR VECHCILE AND BRING BACK OLD GREEN STICKER IN ORDER TO GET NEW ONE. Parking also will be mandatory to park in one direction (facing in) so that the towing company can regulate parking for us in a more designed way and NEW PARKING STICKERS will be given out to identify you as a resident. SO NO BACK IN PARKING WILL BE ALLOWED AT NIGHT (AFTER 7PM- 9AM), ONLY DURING THE DAY WILL IT BE ALLOWED. I'M SURE THIS UPSETS SOME OF YOU ABOUT THE PARKING, BUT ITS TO ENSURE THAT RESIDENTS HAVE PARKING AVAILABLE TO THEM AT ALL TIMES!!! (0 comments) Chelsea Troche  |  September 26, 2018

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